The Big Beginning

I’m going to keep my first post on here short and sweet so can finally go outside into the real world and away from this website. Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for that perfect moment to finally drop the site and I think we’ve finally gotten there. To all the people who have been so supportive of my foray into the business world, you have my sincere thanks, and to all the people who are new here, welcome to the blog!

So, the past few months I’ve been away from social media and the internet so I could prepare the business for its launch and accumulate some portfolio images. There was actually a period of time where I completely swapped the identity of the business, so if you are one of folks who really liked what I was doing last year and was disappointed when I stopped all of a sudden, I truly do apologize. Good news is I’m back, and it’s for good this time, but you might be asking, what have I been doing all this time?

There comes a day in a creative person’s life where they got to buckle down and get everything on paper. For me, it was just that, getting things down in writing, and having a decent brand to start from. There have been some big milestones that just seemed to have blown past me on my journey to this day, for example, I got my business registered, which I never thought I would be even be capable of. Now that I’m officially in business, I’m relieved that after all that planning and effort, I’m able to just be out there in view to provide my services and make content through this platform. Though I know I won’t be seeing confetti and bouquets of flowers anytime soon, I’m just happy to have this website finished and that I can finally let out a big sigh of relief knowing that I’ve built the brand that I’ve always intended to build. Now I can move on to things that are up my alley a bit more like writing and photography.

Even now I can’t seem to pull myself away from the keyboard, but I do intend to round out my photography portfolio a bit more by getting back into the world and making articles around the South Shore. I spent a long time designing this site and carving out a decent foundation for my work to sit in, so if you’re planning on come back often you’re in for a treat!

I also wanted to outline my goals for the business in this post, so people know what to expect in the near to not too distant future and so I can stay honest. It’s good to have something to go back to and so I can stay grounded if things get too hectic.

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