Matt Forgione Photography News #1

First of all, happy March everyone, and a happy birthday to my big brother who had his birthday on a leap year yesterday, he officially turned 8 years old, which is great because remembering people’s age is a problem for me (8×4).

That’s the thing about the leap years, suddenly we’re in a completely different month the next day and for me It’s totally welcomed. Spring can’t come soon enough and I’m looking forward to when Chester becomes the tourist hub where there’s always activity, it’ll create a ton of opportunities to get out there and make a lot of photos.

The biggest news of the week has obviously been that Matt Forgione Photography officially launched last Tuesday, it has been more of a cold start for sure – partly due to how freakin’ cold it is around this time of year – but I like it that way. I remember a time I thought I could just post constantly on social media and get the attention I thought my photography deserved but I’m liking the occasional blog post better. I’m spending less time searching for new things to photograph and more time building infrastructure for the business, this means that I’m constantly learning about more things than just my photography and growing as an entrepreneur and not just a photographer.

As this has only been my first week in business, I wanted to do more than just go out and constantly search for photos to take. I’ve been in contact with business owners and individuals to work with on projects, and I’ve been really studying what it takes to build a website that people enjoy visiting to learn about the brand. I’d like to have something that I can completely customize, and build a user experience that I would love to interact with myself. I’m liking what I have on WordPress currently, but having the option to build something that is new and fun while still being Matt Forgione Photography is a dream of mine and it’s something that I’ll study my butt off to try to make a reality and accomplish that goal of becoming a proficient web developer. I’ll be releasing something in the next month or so to compliment Matt Forgione Photography and I’m definitely looking forward to that!

I wanted to do MFP news to fill everyone in on how the business is doing view wise as well, and I’m happy to say that my stats on google listings have been decent despite only doing a cold launch. I was surprised to see high numbers despite not really digging in on my social media yet. I’m hoping to really pour on the content once I get busier, but right now I’m happy with how the site is performing on week one. My photos are getting lots of hits, and there are people who have been following my work who still support what I do, and I’m very thankful for that.

I still have my anything goes content scheduled for tomorrow, but in the meantime, expect great things to come in the following weeks.

(sign off trial #4)

I bid you all adieu,


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