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Anyone who has been following the blog lately has probably noticed a lack of continuity when it comes to the schedule I came up with in my first week. I’m going to have to make a serious change to that because yes, blogging doesn’t seem all that difficult to do, but in reality a lot of research, writing, editing, and editing (yes I know I said editing twice), needs to be done to make sure each post is well thought out, and written to an at least decent standard.

That said, I might be altering the schedule in the future, but for now, I’m going to make it a touch and go sort of affair until I can figure out exactly how my content creation will be structured going forward. I’d like to stick to my goal of having at least 4 a week, but those 4 might not be long formats like I’ve written in the past, and as much as I love writing these, I am a photography business first, and a blogger second. Stay posted for the next releases but for now I’ll make this a double post of Matt Forgione Photography News from yesterday, and an Anything Goes for today.

What’cha doing Matt?

Everything and all things. I mentioned in my goals from The Big Beginning that I wanted to make a site one day that I felt would become the next level for Matt Forgione Photography. I’m certainly excited to have this platform on WordPress that I can share articles on and sell my services, but I want to take it a step further by really learning the ins and outs of full stack web development. I.E setting up and administrating a web server that can handle all of my domains and databases as well as setting up functionality that the people who like my content can come here and interact with.

The sucky yet awesome part of that is that I have to teach myself computer science, that means knowing the fundamentals of programming, and applying that to app development.

An important thing for me to consider while I learn computer programming is memorization of the languages – copying and pasting scripts like I’ve done here can be a lot of fun, but the goal is to become proficient enough as a developer to be able to make my own scripts and take it so far as to look after a web server on it’s own and troubleshoot issues as they arise. That also includes the all important security factors that come up as I manage something like that. I’d like to eventually allow payment options embedded inside of my websites, all managed by software that I can access locally with robust security factors built in so yeah, there’s a lot that I have to do here.

Features like this would be something I’d have to outsource, but that’s simply not an option to due my budget constraints so computer science it is. To be honest, it’s way more fun than I thought it would be and there’s a lot of methodology involved. Once you understand how a house is built, you can use that knowledge to build more houses and the nice thing about the world of app development is that if you get good enough the houses build themselves.

I figure that once I understand languages like Python, JavaScript, and Ruby and learn how to use and program the Linux operating system, I’ll be able to use that knowledge to get to those advanced site functionalities and actually show off my skills in the form of a web app. Studying is going to be very important though, so I’ll be collecting programming manuals for a while and getting my student on.

Matt’s First Lighthouse Route

Last Friday I launched the first episode of Lighthouse Route which was an article about WorkEvolved’s Coworking Spaces – you can check that out here. I’m finding that the road going forward is so clear because of this series and just knowing that I can do it in the first place is a big boost to my confidence in Matt Forgione Photography. I learned a lot about myself as a writer, and I know now that if Lighthouse Route is running, I’m doing things and the company moves forward as a result.

One thing that I know I’m lacking is a stronger presence in my social media though, so in the next little while as I’m releasing new entries into the Lighthouse Route I’m going to find a way to make a lot more photography to release in another series that will get more eyes on my work on a technical level, rather than just my writing with a couple of my photos sprinkled in. I thought my photo tutorials were going to serve that purpose, but they get almost no views and an idea like that would be better served with video, something that future me is definitely looking at doing too.

So there you have it, I somehow found a way to satisfy the left and right hemispheres of my brain and survived two weeks in business – overall a decent result.

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