Lighthouse Route #1- Space and Time

It was on a fateful Wednesday afternoon last week when I stumbled across something different, the best kind of different. The goal at that time was to find someone to write an article about and complete it by my arbitrary deadline of that Friday – feeling rushed would be an understatement, I had nothing atContinue reading “Lighthouse Route #1- Space and Time”

Matt Forgione Photography News #1

First of all, happy March everyone, and a happy birthday to my big brother who had his birthday on a leap year yesterday, he officially turned 8 years old, which is great because remembering people’s age is a problem for me (8×4). That’s the thing about the leap years, suddenly we’re in a completely differentContinue reading “Matt Forgione Photography News #1”

Take Your First Correct Exposure

So, the truth is we live in a highly automated world where if you ever need something done for you usually there is an app for that, like your taxes or organizing your contact lists. What about calculating your grocery costs or optimizing your weight loss plan? You get the picture. What about big sensorContinue reading “Take Your First Correct Exposure”